Ramblings of a Deranged Narcissist

Hi. I’m Talha. Enough said. Ideally, having said what I’ve said, enough should have been said. But we live in a world which is far from ideal and I have to account for the limited brain power of you, the reader. I shouldn’t blame you for not knowing me. But I will. You’re an idiot. And guess what? You’re going to continue reading this despite being called an idiot. Why? Because, it’s nothing personal and I’m simply to awesome to ignore.  It’s not your fault you’re an idiot. And I don’t blame you.

So who am I? I’m a dreamer. I have revelations and bursts of creative insight. My genius ideas are as promiscuous as they are attractive. I can be just as easily inspired by a picture of a kitten as I can by Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement speech. I believe all waitresses are sisters and the North Pole doesn’t exist. We actually have two south poles. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry. We’ve already established you’re an idiot. You probably also don’t know that all entrepreneurs go to heaven. Speaking of which, no not heaven, entrepreneurs, I go to heaven. What? Confused? Need I remind you we’ve already established you’re an…

Good job filling in the blank. You’re learning. Maybe there is still some hope for you.

Right, So I was speaking of entrepreneurs and not heaven. But since I’m an entrepreneur I automatically go to heaven.  With me so far? See that wasn’t so hard. Despite my better judgment, and all the evidence to the contrary, I’m beginning to think there is hope for you, stupid reader.  Next time I may even tell you about one of the projects I’m working on. For now, I feel you deserve a treat for managing to digest the simple words above. So here goes. Enjoy. I had daal for lunch. Daal Maash. At PDC. It was actually pretty good. Please try and contain your excitement at this tid bit from my personal life. Really, it’s unbecoming of you to jump up and down in deranged excitement. (If you had any issues with my choice of tid bit for your reward (Maybe it was too much to handle?) you should blame the guy who wrote the directions for this blog.)

Wishing you increased brain power,

See?  Dreamy.